Domestic shipping guide

How to define a package? We offer delivery services for documents and packages of specific dimensions and shape. You can track their delivery status online. All dimensions are within the applicableweight limits for a package as stated on the waybill. The sum of the length, width and height of a single package does not exceed 300 cm . 1 Your shipment will be sent and priced as a package if it meets all the following conditions: The actual and dimensional weight of each package is less than 70 kg . The length of the longest side of each package does not exceed 200 cm . A B C A + B + C ≤ 300 cm C lub B lub A ≤ 200 cm Did you know? All packages, pallets or other items covered by one waybill and accepted from the same sender, are considered one shipment of one service. 1 If you wish to send a package where the sum of dimensions of a single element exceeds 300 cm, please contact Customer Service. 10