Domestic shipping guide

A ≤ 50 cm B ≤ 40 cm C ≤ 30 cm Package delivery to FedEx Retail Points Meet the needs of your e-commerce customers by providing themwith convenient FedEx Direct2Retail deliveries. Did you know? To use FedEx Direct2Retail effectively, you can integrate your sales platform with FDS Web Services or use ready-made integration modules for major eCommerce platforms. 1 Does not apply to packages containing dangerous goods. 2 As of November 1, 2020. 3 In case of posting a shipment that does not meet the weight or dimensional conditions, an additional fee for handling the shipment will be added. In this case, the parcel will be redirected to the nearest FedEx location for pickup or sent back at the sender's expense. The package's base is the side with the largest surface. The longest edge does not exceed 50 cm . Thewidth doesnotexceed40cm, andtheheightdoes notexceed30cm . The maximum weight is 10 kg . Packaging must not impede or prevent moving the shipment on smooth surfaces. Your package will be priced and sent as a FedEx Direct2Retail package if its packaging meets the following criteria: 3 Safe and convenient delivery Additional services COD Insurance Notifications Email SMS Economic next day delivery FedExDirect2Retail 1 Delivery of individual packages to up to 600 2 FedEx Retail Points. 12