Domestic shipping guide

How to calculate rates for pallets and over-sized shipments It’s simple to calculate the cost of your pallet or over-sized shipment, and send with clarity and confidence. Select your FedEx Next Day delivery option. Confirm the dimensions and total weight of the pallet or over-sized shipment, and check whether its price will be calculated based on actual or dimensional weight. Check the rate that applies to your shipment’s weight in the Domestic Service Rates . Select additional and/or dedicated services. Add surcharges – such as road and fuel 1 . Here’s how to calculate the shipping price for your pallet: Standard and half pallets At FedEx, pallets and half pallets are priced according to their weight, actual or dimensional. Dimensional weight is calculated on the pallet dimensions. Non-standard pallets Non-standard pallet's are priced according to their greater weight, actual or dimensional. We will add a fee to the price of sending a pallet according to the Domestic Service Rates . Over-sized shipments Over-sized shipments are priced according to their actual weight. We will add a fee to the price of an over-sized shipment for sending a shipment according to our Domestic Service Rates . Special shipments Special shipments will be priced according to the number of pallet places they occupy. Contact your sales representative for more details. Howwe price heavyweight shipments KG 1 The current rate of fuel surcharge can be found online at . 22