Domestic shipping guide

Unfit to Travel shipment A shipment that does not meet the Fit to Travel criteria is Unfit to Travel, and thus cannot be transported using the FedEx network. An unproperly prepared and secured shipment may be qualified as Unfit to Travel and returned to sender, be it a standard, non-standard, over-sized or special shipment. A shipment will be classified as Unfit to Travel if it meets at least one of these conditions: Did you know? An improperly secured and prepared shipment may be classified as Unfit to Travel and returned to the sender. Unpacked shipment - is a shipment that does not have any external packaging or is secured using only stretch wrap. This does not apply to tires, transport boxes and cases. Improper packaging/box - means that the external packaging of the shipment is not durable enough, is not appropriate for the dimensions and weight of the contents, does not constitute a single unit or is of poor quality. We do not accept shipments packed in shoeboxes or gift boxes. Unpalletised shipment over 70 kg (Npal>70) - is a shipment consisting of elements weighing over 70 kg, which are not placed on a pallet. Unattached shipment - is a pallet containing items that are not firmly attached to the pallet, properly secured with strapping, or wrapped with stretch wrap. Shipmentwith Sharp Edges - is a shipment containing unpacked and unsecured items or sharp protruding edges. Overhanging contents - when the contents of the shipment overhang beyond the outline of the pallet, or when the pallet cannot be transported using a forklift. 27 Professional packingwith Fit to Travel