Domestic shipping guide

Packing for packages andheavy shipments Make sure your shipment arrives on time with proper packing and preparation.. FedEx Labels With FedEx Next Day by 9/10/12 and Tender services, you receive package labels printed with the precise time of delivery to inform your courier and other FedEx employees of how urgent your shipment is. Get peace of mind with our packaging range To give you the best standard of service, FedEx offers packaging to protect your packages during transit. You can order free packaging directly from your courier or by contacting our Customer Service team. FedEx Envelopes 100% recyclable and carbon-neutral, a single FedEx envelope will contain and protect up to 60 A4 pages weighing up to 0.5 kg. FedEx Large Paks Tear-proof and water-resistant, a Large Pak is ideal for heavier documents. Guide todomestic shipping 8 Lightweight shipments: packages Preparation and packing Delivery inan intact statedependsprimarilyonhow thepackage ispreparedandpackaged for shipment.Make sure thatundernormalhandling, itdoesnotcompromise the vehicle’s road safety. Allpackageswillneedawaybillwith the shipper’sandaddressee’s information: fullname, street,cityandpostcode.Youwill find specific instructions for filling in yourwaybill lateron. Togive you thebest standardof service,FedExofferspackaging toprotect yourpackageduring transit.Youcanorder thisdirectly from your courierorbycontactingCustomerService. FedEx Large Pak Tearproofandwater-resistant,aLargePak is ideal forheavier documents. FedEx Large Pak -40cm x30cm FedEx Extra Large Pak -52cm x45cm FedEx Envelopes 100% recyclableandcarbon-neutral,a singleFedExenvelope willcontainandprotectup to 60 pages A4 weighingup to 0.5 kg. FedEx Labels WithFedExNextDayby9am/10am/12noon serviceandTender, you receivepackage labelsprintedwith theprecise timeofdelivery to inform yourcourierandotherFedExemployeeshowurgent your shipment is. FedExNextDaydo9 9 FedExNextDaydo10 10 FedExNextDaydo12 12 FedExPrzetargod___do___ P FedEx Envelope Internal dimensions: – 24.1 cm x 31.8 cm FedEx Large Pak – 40 cm x 30 cm FedEx Extra Large Pak – 52 cm x 45 cm Excluded and dangerous goods Some goods cannot be transported in our network or require prior individual arrangements with our Customer Service or your Sales Representative. For a detailed list of excluded and dangerous goods visit . 28