Domestic shipping guide

Schedule a courier pick-up With our helpful tools, you can simplify your deliveries and save time by requesting a direct pick-up from one of our couriers. You can schedule a courier pick up for your shipment in several ways: using one of the FedEx automated tools, completing a request a t , setting a permanent order for collection. Make claims quickly We recognise how important it is for you to reach customers smoothly, and want to make sure any problems with your deliveries are solved quickly. That’s why we’ve made our claims process as simple as possible. If your package wasn’t delivered properly or you didn’t receive the service you expected, fill in our online complaints form at . Easy billing Save time and money when it comes to your document circulation and storage. Our advanced and secure electronic invoicing system allows you to monitor and manage your account status easily and conveniently. FedEx invoices can be received collectively for all services, both in paper and electronic form. Subscribe to FedEx eFaktura at and never miss a payment date with access to your invoices where you want, when you want. Time is money Take control of your shipments and reduce the time you spend processing documents. With our intuitive automated shipping and notification tools, it’s simple to get rates and transit times, book pick-ups and streamline your business processes. Simplify your shipping processes FedEx automated shipping tools are solutions that help you improve domestic shipment handling. Designed by specialists, they suit the diverse business needs of our customers. See how they can help increase your company’s delivery efficiency. 32