Domestic shipping guide

We connect you to more possibilities FedEx services guarantee reliable delivery of express and economy shipments, and optimized solutions to support your company. We reach 220 countries and territories with an air and road network that connects local and global businesses to their customers every day. We are steadily expanding the range of our dedicated services for eCommerce. We are aware of the ever-changing needs of online shoppers, and we constantly adjust our solutions to meet your and your customers' needs. Work with us and grow your business with the support of our Customer Service Team, sales representatives and couriers. Enter newmarkets with the support of our international network as well as our global expertise and local know-how. Working with FedEx, you can be sure that any promises made to your customers and business partners will be kept. Key 220 countries and territories 14 flights a week from Poland 2 domestic hubs 3 regional hubs 40 stations Domestic hubs Regional hubs Domestic stations Domestic and international stations International getaways and stations High quality services at affordable prices To learn more about our rates, please see the Domestic Services Rates . 4