Domestic shipping guide

Flexible delivery solutions that give you more choice Whether you have specific shipping requirements that you need to meet, or you want to personalise your deliveries, we can help with our wide range of business solutions. Fulfil your business needs with our dedicated services With our personalised shipping services, you can tailor the way you receive FedEx shipments to suit your exact requirements. Direct Signature 1 The shipment isdeliveredstrictly inaccordancewith instructionsgivenby the sender andapprovedbyFedEx. Confirmation that thedeliveryhasbeencompletedby the courierwill bemadebyFedEx. Verifieddocumentswill be sent to theaddress requestedby the sender togive assurance that the servicehasbeencompletedandprovidea recordof thedelivery. Direct Road Express 2 Express delivery from sender to addressee. This service is provided by a dedicated FedEx courier on the delivery date, with the price set individually. Saturday and Sunday Pick-Up 2 Pick-up on Saturday and Sunday. Delivery depends on the operating capability. Keep customers coming back with a quick and easy returns process How your business handles returns could mean the difference between keeping and losing a customer. Make it simple and grow customer loyalty with our Return Pack and Return Label services. Return Pack 1 Delivery of the original shipment with collection of the return shipment at the same time. Delivery of the original shipment cannot take place without simultaneous exchange of the return shipment. Return Label 1 Shipment delivery and handling its return. Service allows the addressee to prepare the return waybill at the same time the main shipment waybill is created. Shipping fee is charged only after the return waybill has been used and the shipment has been returned to the sender by the addressee. 1 Service available to customers using automation tools (except the FedEx Direct2Retail service), priced and activated individually. Contact Customer Service to find out more. 2 Service available and priced individually after determining transport requirements. Contact Customer Service to find out more. 40