Domestic shipping guide

Whenyouneeddelivery for your pallets, half pallets andover-sizedshipments Save time and additional costs when shipping heavy goods, and give your service a boost with our additional delivery options. 1 Pallet delivery on the next business day is available at selected postcodes. Check the availability of FedEx domestic services for your postcode at . 2 Service available to customers with a signed contract. FedEx Next Day Standard for pallets 1 Weight (kg) Price (PLN net) Up to 100 kg 159.28 Up to 200 kg 180.66 Up to 300 kg 202.04 Up to 400 kg 223.42 Up to 500 kg 266.18 Up to 600 kg 298.25 Up to 700 kg 341.01 Up to 800 kg 383.77 Up to 900 kg 437.22 Up to 1000 kg 490.67 Over 1000 kg 522.74 FedEx Next Day Standard for half pallets Weight (kg) Price (PLN net) Up to 100 kg 159.28 Up to 200 kg 180.66 Over-sized shipments Price (PLN net) FedEx Next Day Standard according to the appropriate weight range + 500% for every over-sized item Added value services Service Price (PLN net) Load/Unload 21.10 / per pallet Depalletising 126.60 / per pallet EURO Pallet Return 2 10.55 / per pallet Please note The implementation of the service for pallets over 800 kg requires contacting Customer Service and depends on technical and operational capabilities. 4