Domestic shipping guide

Meet your client’s needs with FedEx Direct2Retail Give your customers a better choice and let them collect their packages at Retail Points. FedEx Direct2Retail for packages 1 Weight (kg) Price (PLN net) Up to 1 kg 20.89 Up to 5 kg 21.84 Up to 10 kg 23.74 Insurance Insurance value Price (PLN net) Up to 500 PLN 2.11 Up to 1000 PLN 4.22 Up to 3000 PLN 6.33 Up to 5000 PLN 8.44 Surcharges Service Price (PLN net) Return Label FedEx Direct2Retail Return of undelivered package FedEx Direct2Retail Payment for correction of weight or size 3 50.00 1 Not applicable to packages containing dangerous goods. 2 The implementation of the service Non-cash COD depends on technical and operational capabilities upon delivery. 3 A fee for shipping a package that does not meet the weight or size requirements. Cash on Delivery (COD) Service Price (PLN net) Up to 3000 PLN – cash 36.93 Up to 3000 PLN – non-cash 2 1.5% of cash value + 36.93 Domestic Service Rates 7