Domestic shipping guide

Package delivery Choose one of our standard services to quickly deliver your packages, and select an additional service that suits your needs. Express Next Day Delivery FedExNext Day by 9 1 Standard package delivery by 9:00 a.m. the next business day. FedExNext Day by 10 1 Standard package delivery by 10:00 a.m. the next business day 1 . FedExNext Day by 12 1 Standard package delivery by noon the next business day. Even more delivery options with our additional and dedicated services Additional services Proof of Delivery Cash on Delivery (COD) Insurance Personalised Delivery Carry In & Carry Out 2 Return of Documents (ZPD) Dedicated services Direct Signature 3 Return Pack 3 Return Label 3 Sunday Pick-Up 4 Notifications Email Courier Call SMS Economy Next Day Delivery FedExNext Day Standard Standard and non-standard packages containing items up to 70 kg delivered nationwide. 1 Service available only for standard shipments up to 30 kg and selected postcodes. Check the availability of FedEx domestic services for selected postcodes in Poland at . 2 Delivery of a shipment from 30 to 60 kg by carrying it to a place indicated by the sender or the recipient. For this service, the delivery deadline is extended to two business days.. 3 Service available to customers using automation tools. It is priced and activated individually. Contact Customer Service to learn more. 4 Service available and priced individually after determining transport requirements. Contact Customer Service to learn more. Did you know? You can check the availability of our express services at . 8